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1953 Cadillac


Detail from the 2018 Dayton Concours Poster

Available in 13×19 or 17×22 on Epson Presentation Paper. Prices listed are inclusive of tax and shipping. For further customization or to commission a piece, please fill out the inquiry form on the contact page.

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The illustration of the 1953 Cadlllac is taken from the 2018 Dayton Concours poster art. In the background to the left is Deed’s Barn where the “Garage Gang” met to work. Among the inventions to come from the barn was the self-starter for the 1912 Cadillac invented by Charles F. Kettering, (also in the drawing), and the cash register. Of course the Wright Brothers were members of the “Gang” as well. The original art is 19 x 26 inches.


13×19 on Epson Presentation Paper, 17×22 on Epson Presentation Paper