Tony studied industrial Design in the co-op Program at the University of Cincinnati, graduating in 1995. In his Freshman year he worked on his Foundation projects while listening to Early Pink Floyd and Syd Barratt on his Walkman… so began a dual career in Art and Music.

In 1995, Tony was taught to use Photoshop while working at the Icon Group in Dayton, OH. The firm specialized in Annual Report Design. He left Icon in 1996 for the west coast to follow his musical ambitions. This is the year in which painting Abstracts in Acrylics on Canvas. He only produced a few weeks from 1996 to 2002. While in San Francisco, Tony worked as a Freelancer for the Design Firms Landor and Addison. During this time he performed with the band Taste of Freya, and wrote songs with the band Red McKinney and recorded with Trieste back in Dayton during the holidays.

He returned to icon and design in 1997 where he painted a few more Acrylics. When Icon closed he began experimenting with Digital Abstracts in Photoshop and eventually Corel Painter with less success.