Solstice® 2.0 Multipurpose Cryptography

Solstice is a Java based software program that has been in development from conception to release,for about 10 years, with many more years of esoteric and cryptological reasearch preceding. It allows you to choose a number, then multiplies the appropriate (1 of 10) alphabet to the degree of the number that you have chosen. Now the alphabet is scrambled based on this mathematical formula. The user then enters a word or series of words, and finally adds a slope for the third column. When the output is delevered the user will see a matrix of letters in which the user can then use to create or extrapolate words for. Develop complex passwords for your websites, do word searches and make Microsoft Excel lists, or highlight parts of the output and copy and paste it into your search engine to reveal an extreme range of results. These are just a few examples of what Solstice® can be used for but it’s limitations are only limited by your imagination. Inspired by Enochian Magick, ENIGMA from WWII, and the book The Pleadian Agenda. Engineer your nightly dreams, don’t just dream in the subconcious.

USA Patent Pending #62/083,502.

(string) (required) Name of the product
Possible Values: ‘Awesome Script’, ‘My Ebook’, ‘Wooden Table’ etc.

(number) (required) Price of the product or item
Possible Values: ‘9.90’, ‘29.95’, ’50’ etc.

(number) (optional) Number of products to be charged.
Possible Values: ‘1’, ‘5’ etc.
Default: 1

(string) (optional) Currency of the price specified.
Possible Values: ‘USD’, ‘GBP’ etc
Default: The one set up in Settings area.

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