1930s Italian Schneider Trophy Racer

1930S ITALIAN SCHNEIDER TROPHY RACER The Macchi 73 Seaplane Racer set a piston powered speed record of 442 MPH, a mark which stands today. Italian Air Force test pilot Francesco Agello flew the plane to the record. Giclee prints of 18 x 24 are available for $275. Proof-paper prints of 13 x 19 are available […]

My Two Favorite Hot Rods

MY TWO FAVORITE HOT RODS A Navy T-28 from the 60’s and my Alfa four-cam V8 powered “old school” 32 Ford. While in the Navy, I had a few rides in the T-28 and the “deuce” is my daily driver. Giclee prints of 18 x 24 are available for $275. Proof-paper prints of 13 x […]

Collier Cup Poster

25TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE COLLIER CUP This poster was created to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Collier Cup created to Memorialize the contribution of the Collier brothers to sports car racing. Signed copies of this were donated to the Revs Institute (Collier Museum) in Naples Florida and the Dayton British Car Museum. Prints are […]

Le Mans Ferrari

A FERRARI 275 GTB A Ferrari 275 GTB winning its class at Le Mans. Giclee prints, 13×19 available at $80 plus shipping. Click to enlarge.

Steck’s illustration

“THE WORLD’S FASTEST ALFA.” This is an illustration of Jim Steck after completing his world record run of 234 MPH+ at Bonneville, making this car “The World’s fastest Alfa.” The style of this piece emphasizes the underlying drawing, more so than the highly rendered pieces at the front of this site. This illustration style, size-for-size, […]